Monday, April 30, 2012

pinoy scandal

Filipinos FTs worried about rampant ‘anti-pinoy’ sentiments in Singapore

The recent outpouring of anti-pinoy comments by Singaporeans in cyberspace following a series of controversies involving Filipinos in Singapore has led to some Filipino FTs to express their concerns at the seemingly rampant ‘anti-pinoy’ sentiments in Singapore.
One Pinoy netizen ‘dazen’ started a thread in the popular forum saying that he is feeling uncomfortable with the situation on the ground:
“I’m starting to get uncomfortable on the current situation now in SG regarding pinoy FT. sometime ago locals are only venting their frustrations to PRC and Indians. but now pinoy are on their hit list as one of the race they think are pest and trash.”
His views were shared by some fellow Filipinos who urge their compatriots to keep a ‘low profile’ in Singapore and not add ‘fuel’ to the already volatile situation.
“fartfart” implored Filipinos to blend well with Singaporeans:
“I suggest that we refrain from supplying fuel to the fire and continue striving to be good if not better settlers of this foreign land. keeping quiet may not extinguish the fire but at least combining it with obedience and respect to the laws of singapore, doing what is best at work and blending well with the locals will somehow put these issues to rest.”
“jinalvarez” asked the not so talented FTs to realize their place in Singapore:
“These sentiments did not just suddenly appear. Two decades ago, pinoys were highly regarded here up there with the Japanese expats , for their skillset and experience they brought here. What has changed? Lots, I’d say….. We cant change the mindsets of the idiots who look at every FT with disdain, but at the same time it is good for some of the not so talented FTs to actually realise their place and and not to be so arrogant………… “
Despite repeated exhortations by government leaders to Singaporeans to welcome foreigners, the gulf between the two is widening with each passing day as too many foreigners have been brought into the country within too short a period of time for them to assimilate well into local society.